A few thoughts about pie…

You never know what you’re going to find in the incredible galaxy known as the World Wide Web. When I was looking for more info. on Company Cakes for the prior post, I came across this Mercury article from January about National Pie Day. I had never heard of National Pie Day or the American Pie Council, but I am completely on board. I occasionally daydream about how Pottstown might take advantage of its rich pie heritage, namely as the place where Mrs. Amanda Smith started her empire.

When I went away to college, and people asked ask where I was from, I’d say, “Pottstown, PA,” and they’d kind of give me a blank look. Then I’d add, “It’s where Mrs. Smith’s pies come from.” And they’d immediately perk up and get all excited and say, “Really? Cool!”

Pie is happiness. Pie is magic.

Apparently, the Great American Pie Festival is being held for the 9th year in a row in Celebration, Florida this coming weekend. They’ve got a lot of nerve — it should be held in Pottstown!

I gather there’s an Apple Pie Bake-Off at the Schuylkill River Festival. Are there contests for other kinds of pies, too – shoo-fly, funny cakes, and everything in between? In the Mercury article, Mark Neiman, an owner of Company Cakes says, “This was the pie capital of the world.” Can Pottstown rise to such prominence again? Could Pottstown be the epicenter of next year’s National Pie Day?

Just some pie-in-the-sky thoughts from a proud P-town girl…

4 thoughts on “A few thoughts about pie…

  1. Great Sue Just great!! Let’s make P.town the Pie Capitol of the world. I make a mean blue ribbon Lemon Merangue, a warm weather favorite. All my friends in P. Town have a speciality pie, let’s have pie contests and better yet…let’s eat them!

    1. I make a mean shoo-fly pie. And let’s not forget my pecan pie either! And my younger brother makes outstanding fruit pies and tarts – he’s got me beat, hands down!

  2. I’ll come to Pottstown for a pie festival. Set the time and date and I’ll be there, as will plenty of other folks!

    This is great Sue.

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