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Still the very best!
I rolled into town last Friday night, battling allergies or a spring cold, and needed some quick and simple sustenance to get me through a meeting that would start in less than an hour. First off, for anyone from out of town, do you realize that on-street parking in downtown Pottstown is free? And even if you can’t find a spot on the street, parking in the lots around town is incredibly cheap? So I parked in the Shop & Park lot at High and Charlotte, slid a quarter in and headed for The Very Best, Pottstown’s oldest restaurant, open since 1921, where they’re still kickin’ it old school. As soon as I sat at the counter, I was greeted with, “How ya’ doin’, sweetheart?” And I knew I was home.

I ordered a grilled cheese and cup of hot tea. The bill, including tax, was $3.87. Seriously. Where I live in NJ, parking’s always a hassle, no one calls me “sweetheart” and dinner never costs $3.87. I felt like I really ought to get something else.

The cakes along the counter looked tempting – banana, chocolate with cream cheese frosting – and I asked if they were baked on-premises. No, they came from Company Cakes, a bakery on Charlotte Street that I’d passed a couple times and have on my list of places to visit. A hand-written sign touted a slice of chocolate cream pie for only $1.85, and I couldn’t resist. The creamy, dark chocolate mousse filling was complemented by a layer of lighter chocolate mousse on top and then bits of dark chocolate sprinkled on top of that. The crust was thin and, more importantly, didn’t detract from the chocolate, which is as it should be. For just a few moments, all was right in the world.

By time I’d finished, it had gotten cloudy and cooler, and rain was threatening. Now fortified, I zipped up my coat and was on my way.

The Very Best
252 East High Street
Pottstown, PA 19464
(610) 323-5224

Company Cakes
26 N Charlotte St
Pottstown, PA 19464
(610) 705-9450

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