I scream, you scream, we all scream for…


The new ice cream parlor at High and Franklin Streets is now open. They’re selling Philadelphia water ice; Nelson’s Dutch Farms ice cream, made in nearby Royersford; and a colorful concoction called “Flavor Burst Combo Cones.” These are soft vanilla custard twists with flavor ribbons on the outside. You pick the flavor you want – caramel, chocolate, strawberry, tropical orange, cotton candy, raspberry, pina colada or banana brickle. (See the banner in the photo.)


They’ve got eight flavors of water ice: mango, lemon, rainbow, cherry, pina colada, blueberry, cotton candy and root beer (that last one is my favorite.)

Lots of ice cream to choose from: I stared longingly at the chocolate moose trail, which had thick pieces of fudge and mini-peanut butter cups embedded in chocolate ice cream. And the graham slam looked intriguing: graham ice cream with graham ribbons and chocolate-covered pieces of graham cracker.

In addition to the awesome flavors, the prices should put Scoopster’s immediately into the regular rotation for every family and sports team in the area. Ice cream goes for $1.75-$3.50, plus tax. Water ice goes for $.94-$2.50, plus tax. And they’ve got “small prices for small children,” which translates to a pee-wee serving of water ice that’s just 75 cents (plus tax), and ice cream that’s just 94 cents (plus tax) for children 7 and under. Nachos, soft pretzels and hot dogs are available, too.

Scoopster’s is owned by John and Ellen Lettiere, who also own Fine Fixin’s Deli at High and Keim Streets, so you’re assured of good quality & service at prices that won’t break the budget. Look – the sun is shining and summer is in the air. What better time to take your pick of warm weather treats and give ’em a try?

Scoopster’s Ice Cream Parlor
384 High Street (corner High & Franklin)
(610) 327-3109
Hours are 11am-9 pm Monday-Saturday. They’re open on Sundays, although regular hours aren’t set yet.

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