Superintendent Candidates Forum Tonight

The three candidates for Superintendent of the Pottstown School District will appear in a public forum tonight at 7 pm at Invictus Mininistries, 79 N. Hanover St. (at the corner of Beech.) They will all respond to the same questions, which can be found in this Mercury article. You can even post your own questions there, and the Mercury will pass them on.

Whether or not you agree with how this forum came to be scheduled, the bottom line is that it’s a chance for all residents to see the candidates speak and interact with the public, knowing they are one step from leading the district.

The candidates are Edgewood Elementary Principal Angela Tuck, Director of Education Jeff Sparagana, and Assistant Superintendent Reed Lindley. Each one has a wealth of experience in the district and a broad array of loyal supporters. The community is fortunate to have three candidates qualified to step up to lead.

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