Desserts First? I’ll second that!

Desserts First Cafe, Oak & Charlotte Sts.
I’d been into Desserts First Cafe at the corner of Oak and Charlotte Streets with my mom and one of my sisters last summer just after they opened… I remember the HUGE piece of banana cake with cream cheese icing like it was yesterday. But even fresher in my memory is the lunch I had there a few weeks ago: a turkey wrap with provolone, cole slaw and Russian dressing. Keep in mind that the main advantage to having a wrap is that you’re not too full to enjoy dessert. This time I tried something I’d never had before: a mixture of strawberries, blueberries and raspberries in yellow cake. The berries had sunk to the bottom of the pan, so that when the cake came out of the pan, a layer of berries was on top. Then, baker/owner Sherry Sweeney topped it with pureed berries whirled into a smooth cream cheese icing that was silky light.

As you may have noticed by now, I’m easily distracted by and enthralled with desserts. But I must also rave about a cranberry juice and iced tea concoction that was just slightly sweet and was out of this world. Suffice it to say, I think you should give this neighborhood eatery a try. It’s got a cheerful interior, hardwood floors, ceiling fans, and cushioned chrome chairs at a few tables, along with 3 stools at the counter. The inexplicable Christmas tree in one window was decorated with some silk spring flowers, and I say, “Why not carry over the miracle of Christmas into the joy of spring?”

Desserts First is owned by Sherry and Rich Sweeney. It’s at 451 N. Charlotte Street. Give a call (610.327.3967) or check their website ( for current hours. They’re closed on Sundays. Photo coming soon…

Addendum: Desserts First offers a lot more than desserts! They’ve got a breakfast menu and loads of sandwiches, pannini, soups & salads. They also do catering, party packages and special order baked goods. Check out the coupons at their website too!

4 thoughts on “Desserts First? I’ll second that!

  1. Sue,

    I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the blog it is great! Thank you for your support of our local business. Its really great to have the support. And hopefully this will let others know about us so they can come to visit us too.

    Keep up the great blogs I love them!!!

    Stop and see us soon!!!


    PS…. today is FRESH Strawberry & Banana Pie… reviews thus far as Way Yummy!!!!

    1. You’re welcome! Mmmm… strawberry and bananas… a lovely combination! I’ll be sure to stop in soon – have a great weekend!

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