I was in downtown Pottstown last week (interviewing your hard-working Borough Manager, Jason Bobst; look for that post in a couple days!), and I dropped in at Martha’s Famous on High Street in search of some cornbread.

Martha's Famous
I’d been there months ago, when they first opened, but it was at night, and they’d actually run out of cornbread by then. Yes, I can vouch for the BBQ chicken and the candied yams – authentic, tasty and filling. But I’d been thinking about the cornbread ever since.

It was just after 3 pm, and dinner was just a glimmer on the horizon, so I ordered up two pieces of cornbread and sat right down at a table in their large, air-conditioned dining area and it was just heavenly – all buttery and moist and lightly sweet. (Would one piece of cornbread have sufficed? I think not.)

Whenever I make cornbread, I follow the recipe on the box, and it’s always kind of dry. Do I ever learn my lesson and add more butter or oil to make it moist? No. I just keep following the directions. I really need to cut loose every now and then, to take a chance, to live! Or I can just stop in at Martha’s Famous and get my fix there, because there’s also some sweet potato pie and a pineapple upside down cake that I still have to try…

Check them out online and use this coupon to get $3 off any order of $20 or more.

Martha’s Famous
259 E. High Street
Pottstown, PA 19464
Dine in, take-out or delivery


2 thoughts on “CORNBREAD

  1. I enjoyed reading your blog about Martha’s Famous so much that I went and had a dinner. The food was delicious and the service was great. Yes, the cornbread was moist! Unfortunatelt they had sold out of the pineapple upside down cake which is my favorite. I will return for another dinner and hopefull cake!

    1. I still have to try the cake as well. Just talking about it now will send me downstairs to see if I have my mom’s recipe and to try to make it myself. Although, at least in the early days, she made it in a cast-iron skillet and I definitely do not have one of those. Good luck on your next visit!

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