Inspiration: it’s in the details

For a while now, I’ve wanted to talk about the image in the header of the Positively!Pottstown blog. I’ve thought about holding a contest to see if anyone can guess what building in town has the architectural detail shown in the photo. But, frankly, I worry that there might be a really long, cyberspace silence, and that’s not good for a blog’s business! Okay, what the heck? I’m a writer, I’ve endured plenty of rejections, let’s do it anyway!

Does anyone know where those little, carved wood curlicues live?

They’re on High Street.
You do not need to trespass or climb a ladder or creep through alleyways to see them.
You do not need special glasses or binoculars, just an eye for detail.

I’m kinda hoping the people who own/use the building won’t give it away, although I’ll gladly post about the history of the building, its current use and some more photos once it’s identified.

I’ll scare up a gift certificate to somewhere for the first person who identifies the building. Let’s have a deadline of tomorrow at 3 pm.

Time to take a stroll!

3 thoughts on “Inspiration: it’s in the details

  1. I tried to cheat by looking at the HTML code of your website perhaps to see if the image at the top had a name like a street address but I was unsuccessful. Once again, I will not be able to win the contest!!!

    1. Very sneaky, Leflar. I’m glad your subterfuge was not rewarded! If no one gets it by the end of the day, I guess I’ll have to give another hint and narrow it down to a few blocks on High Street…

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