Name That Building (#2)

The first person to correctly guess the name/location of this building will get $20 in gift certificates for Grumpy’s Handcarved Sandwiches.

Hint: It’s on High Street.

Operators are standing by to take your – uh – emails and Facebook posts. Don’t delay!

Incorrect Guesses coming in on Facebook:
St. John’s Byzantine Catholic Church
St. Peter’s Church
old Police Station (was on King St., yes?)
Christ Episcopal Church
The Mercury
Grumpy’s (ANOTHER HINT: No, but you’re getting warm.)
Former senior center
Bridal Salon & bakery

ANOTHER HINT: It’s not a church.

WE HAVE A WINNER: DEBBY WEBER of Pottstown. She correctly guessed 311 E. High Street. There was a fierce competition between Debby and Becky Koniow-Marvel. I just realized that Debby was the winner of our last “Name that Building” contest , so I’m going to ask that she hang back on the next one, although I admire her enthusiasm for Pottstown’s buildings!

Here’s another photo of the Order of Independent Americans 1902 building at 309-313 E. High Street.

And another view from the photographer “road_less_trvld” on flickr.

I hope I have this right and this is what “O. of I. A.” stands for! The Order of Independent Americans was a fraternal organization from the 19th and 20th centuries. They seem to have had several councils in the region. Here’s a photo from one in Chester, and an article about a group in Hamburg. Does anyone know anything about the Pottstown council? Is the Order of Independent Americans still active today?

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  1. This is so much fun! And I covet the lucious sandwiches Debby will enjoy at Grumpy’s. Next time I’m teaming up with Debby and Jeff!!

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