Sprogels Run & Pruss Hill: Two more gems in Lower Pottsgrove

Sprogels Run path

In this post I’m so excited to introduce readers to what may be a couple of Lower Pottsgrove’s lesser-known open spaces, which are both wonderful in their own ways and easily accessible, just as they are.

Sprogels Run Park is a 22-acre stretch of wilderness that runs between two residential neighborhoods. As I entered the park from Doe Run Lane (off Kepler Road), it reminded me of the wooded area of Sprogels Run near Washington Street and Buchert Road that I enjoyed so much as a kid. Especially after all the rain, there were some shallow pools and babbling water running over rocks.

Otherwise, it is simply a beautiful wooded playground. Although I think it’s perfect just as it is, when the Township puts in the planned nature trails, boardwalk and interpretive signs, it will be even better. They have been awarded two grants totaling $75,000 from OxyChem and the Pottstown Area Health & Wellness Foundation, sponsor of this blog series, to make these improvements.

Doe Run Lane entry

I found three ways to get into Sprogels Run Park, and the Township has done a great job with clearly visible signs and parking spots on the cul-de-sacs at two of the entry points. The first entry point is a strip of grass between 52-54 Doe Run Lane. The second entry point is at 75 ½ Timberview Drive, although there is a downed tree crossing the path that makes it almost impossible to get by. There are five parking spots at this entry point. The third spot is on Fox Hollow Circle, which also has five parking places.

Fox Hollow Circle sign

Sprogels Run is one of those properties that will be linked to others to form a long trail system throughout this part of the Township. Remember when I said I was disappointed that the trail stopped in Pleasantview Park? Well, it will eventually join up with Sprogels Run, which would make both parcels that much more interesting and valuable for an extended hike. Right now, with the easily accessible parking for Sprogels Run, this property is really perfect for parents to bring their younger children for some fun time in the woods.

I had another welcome surprise when I came upon the Pruss Hill Barn at 2595 Pruss Hill Road. At just 0.8 acres, this scenic idyll, which includes a small lake and dam, would be lovely for setting up a chair and casting a line into the water, as three people were doing when I stopped by.

Pruss Hill fishing

They told me that the barn used to be a bar and restaurant with a dance hall on the second floor. They also said that they had heard from someone whose family had once owned the property that there used to be diving boards and dressing areas on the other side of the lake; they pointed across the dam, where there’s still some concrete. They also said that snapping turtles were caught and used for turtle soup in the restaurant! I love hearing these kinds of stories. They make a place come alive in a way you never would have known about if you didn’t stop and shoot the breeze for a few minutes.

The Township will also use this property as a link to other open spaces and will restore the barn as funds allow. To get to the Pruss Hill Barn and dam, look for the bridge and the curves on Pruss Hill Road near the intersection with Schaeffer Road. There is parking for 4-5 cars.

Tomorrow, we will finish our tour of Lower Pottsgrove with a visit to the community hub at Sanatoga Park and begin our exploration of the parks of Upper Pottsgrove.

Location: Fox Hollow Circle or 75 ½ Timberview Drive or 52-54 Doe Run Lane, Sanatoga, PA 19464, off Kepler Road
Size: 22.2 acres
Suitability: Adults, teens and pre-teens, younger children with supervision
Facilities: Woods, unpaved trail, small waterways (depending on rainfall), some rocks, natural study areas.
Activities + tips: Parking and park access available from Doe Run Lane, Timberview Drive and Fox Hollow Circle. Keep an eye on future development with trails, boardwalk & interpretive signs.
Hours: Dawn until dusk.

Location: 2595 Pruss Hill Road, Sanatoga, PA 19464, near intersection with Schaeffer Road
Size: 0.8 acres
Suitability: Adults, teens, younger children with supervision. There is a pond/lake and a dam.
Facilities: Barn, open space, pond/lake and dam
Activities + tips: Fishing, sitting, watching clouds, contemplating.
Hours: Dawn until dusk.

Lower Pottsgrove Township has lots of information and photos on their website. Just click on the Parks & Recreation tabs on the left side of the home page.

Lower Pottsgrove Township
2199 Buchert Road
Pottstown, PA 19464
Ph: (610) 323-0436
Fax: (610) 323-3824
Hours: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. M-F

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Doe Run Lane, off Kepler Rd.
Sprogels Run, Fox Hollow Circle entry
Sprogels Run, Timberview Dr. sign
Pruss Hill Rd., near Schaeffer Rd.
Pruss Hill Dam

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