Cherry Tree Park & Kulp Field: Two distinct rec opportunities in Upper Pottsgrove

Upper Pottsgrove provides two distinct recreational opportunities in the northern area of the Township.

Cherry Tree Park, street view

Cherry Tree Park is a fairly typical pocket park, which is tucked deep in the Cherry Tree Farms development off Gilbertsville Road. Rest assured, though, that it is public property that is open to anyone. It is unique in that it is 1.4 acres, which is a bit larger than most mini-parks. The play equipment is set back from the road, deep on the lot and screened by some landscaping, so it’s not readily noticeable. At first, it just looks like an empty building lot. But then a paved path and sign become evident and you know you’re at a place where the kids can climb, run around and commune with nature. The wild space in the rear corner of the park and the more-than-usual land around the play equipment make this park feel a little more out-of-the way, even though it’s in the midst of a suburban development.


As you leave Cherry Tree Farms and continue north on Gilbertsville Road, you will see Kulp Field on your left, just before the intersection with Moyer Road. According to the Township website, Kulp Field is home to their Little League and Major League baseball teams. Parking for baseball games is shared with Hillside Aquatic Club.

Because no acreage was given in the Penn State study for Kulp Field, I went looking for the Township’s Open Space Plan to see what that had to say. If you want to see the plan, click on the Upper Pottsgrove Township link on the County’s Municipal Open Space Plans page. On page 30, it says that this area – called Hillside Park in the plan – totals 7.5 acres.

It was very interesting to note that part of this property abuts Sprogels Run, which we had visited in various areas of Lower Pottsgrove. One of the main goals of the Upper Pottsgrove Plan is to create a greenway and trails that would run along Sprogels Run and link to the portions of it that run near Pottsgrove High School, Brookside Golf Club, Alfred B. Miles Park and Schuylkill River Park. Not only do municipalities try to create linkages and greenways within their own borders. With the help of their planners, they also try to create regional greenways and trails that retain the natural connections and terrain that already exist in the landscape so that citizens can more fully experience their impact.

One final note: also in this area of the Township is some privately-owned open space to which visitors are welcomed. Beaufort’s Run was featured in a Positively!Pottstown blog post on July 8, 2010 by Rosemary Keane. I urge you to check that out and plan a trip to this 10-acre property on Detweiler Road. You can also read about the owners’ inspiration and intentions for the site in the Township’s spring 2010 newsletter. It is through the efforts and commitment of owner Barb Shontz, her daughter Sue Shontz Hughes, and local volunteers that this space is also available to those looking to heal and re-connect with nature.

Location: ~108 Micklitz Drive, Pottstown, PA 19464, near the intersection with Birdsong Way, in the Cherry Tree Farms development
Size: 1.4 acres
Facilities: Play equipment, two benches, green space and some wild space in rear corner of park. Suitability: The 5-12 year old set will enjoy the play equipment.
Activities and Tips: Parents & children in the development certainly should know all about this large play space!
Hours: Dawn until dusk

Location: Gilbertsville Road & West Moyer Road, Pottstown, PA 19464
Size: ~ 7.5 acres
Facilities: Two baseball fields, batting cage, bleachers
Activities and Tips: Parking is shared with Hillside Aquatic Club. Use 134 West Moyer Road, Pottstown, PA 19464 on the GPS or mapping program to get directions to the parking lot.
Hours: Dawn until dusk

Kulp parking shared with Hillside Aquatic

Upper Pottsgrove Township
1409 Farmington Ave.
Pottstown, PA 19464

See the Upper Pottsgrove Township open space plan to learn about their programs and facilities.

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Cherry Tree Park, interior view
Kulp Field sign, Gilbertsville Rd.
Hoffman Field sign, W. Moyer Rd.
Kulp Field, from pitcher\’s mound

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