Heather Place Park: Enjoy a family time-out in Upper Pottsgrove

Heather Place Park is one of the first parks I remember visiting when we moved to the area nearly 10 years ago. With a toddler, a new baby and not a friend in Pottstown, I attended a MOMS Club of Pottstown picnic at the park thanks to seeing a flyer at a local grocery store. At that time, the area around Heather Place, State Street and Levengood Road was pretty empty, a far cry from the Upland Square Shopping Center that is now just a stone’s throw from the park. If only that Starbucks had been open when I still had preschoolers, all my dreams of sipping coffee while my kids played on the playground could have come true at Heather Place Park.

With my youngest son in tow, we (re)visited Heather Place Park last weekend, during Upper Pottsgrove’s Community Day celebration to find the park full of activity, people and plenty of activity for my first grader. The playground equipment looks brand new and includes what my son proclaimed to be “the best spinny ride ever.”  I spent a good portion of the visit spinning that particular piece of equipment and then watching as my son dropped to the ground still dizzy. The play equipment is labeled for ages 5-12, but there are swings and a row of cars and planes to keep toddlers happy as well.

We also had a chance to check out all the vendors and get a snack to help support Upper Pottsgrove Township Fire Company #1. The fire company was on hand with demonstrations and even let the kids get onto the fire trucks and check them out. Local musician, Michael Kropp kept the kids entertained with songs from his popular Makin’ Music classes.

Michael Kropp, makin’ music

The park is compact, covering only a couple of acres, but there is plenty to do even if you visit on an ordinary day. With a basketball court, a great playground (especially that dizziness-inducing part) and a covered pavilion, the park offers something for every age group.  Even though it’s situated right along Route 100, it’s easy to forget that the highway is there because the park feels tucked into the neighborhood. It is easy to get to Heather Place Park-simply head west on State Street from the light at Route 100 and then make a quick right onto Heather Place. The park is just beyond the Upper Pottgrove Police Station.

With shopping and restaurants so close to the park, it would be a great spot to visit after dragging the kids through the grocery store or Target. Even better, get some take-out and enjoy a meal at the pavilion and let the kids run around the playground. The play equipment is situated close to the picnic area so moms and dads of young kids can relax (and maybe eat a meal) while the kids play.  The pavilion is also available for individual or group rentals and would be a great place for birthday parties or group gatherings-like that MOMS Club picnic I attended all those years ago.

Location: 1420 Heather Place, Pottstown, PA 19464. adjacent to the Upper Pottsgrove Police Station
Size: 2.5 acres
Facilities: Covered picnic pavilion, basketball court, playground
Suitability: All ages can enjoy this park
Activities and Tips: Get your coffee and your friends and take the kids over to this great playground for a fun morning. Or, pack your lunch or even dinner and enjoy a meal with the family while the weather is still warm.
Hours: Dawn until dusk

Contact for rentals:
Upper Pottsgrove Township
1409 Farmington Ave.
Pottstown, PA 19464

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Upper Pottsgrove Township has all the information you need about Heather Place and other township parks on their website’s open space and recreation page


Play equipment for 5-12 year olds
Community Day

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  1. Rosie!!!! You make this all sound so inviting! And the pics are great. Love the “in the nauseating to adults category…” What a good idea for a story, and what an engaging writer you are.

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