Amity Community Park: An active family destination

Just when my kids were starting to get antsy about yet another park visit, we turned onto Weavertown Road and Amity Community Park came into view. I am not exaggerating when I tell you that my husband had barely gotten the car into park when the kids were already opening their doors and setting out to explore the extensive playgrounds that the park offers.

Set behind the St. Paul’s United Church of Christ, on Weavertown Road, across from the Amity Township Municipal Building and just before the Daniel Boone Middle School is this amazing community park. The Sunday afternoon we visited, the park was in constant motion. Tons of kids were on the playground, filling the space with high-pitched squeals, shouts of “you’re it!” and little voices pleading for just one more turn on the swings. That’s the good stuff of childhood and it was there in abundance in Amity Community Park.

With a perfect fall day as the backdrop-just a slight breeze and the still bright sun-we followed the walking path up to the pavilion where we could get a better view, both down to the playground and beyond to the expanse of ball fields, all full of players on this busy day. Teams from Daniel Boone Youth Sports were on some fields; others were occupied by the Berkshire Baseball Tournament League. And the telltale pop-up chairs and baseball bags all meant the same thing: fall baseball. 

In visiting all the parks in this series, I have noticed the variety of landscape we enjoy in this part of Pennsylvania. When you are in a park in Pottstown, you might notice that the walking path is steep in some places and flat in others. When you are standing in the middle of Amity Community Park, surrounded by the gorgeous fall foliage, you can’t help but notice that the landscape has changed dramatically thanks to the mountains of even this eastern portion of Berks County.

We made our way back to the playground where, as usual, the kids hit every single piece of equipment that spins, while my husband and I took advantage of the gazebo that sits between the two playgrounds for a little rest and some shade. Amity Community Park is a great, active destination for families.

Another thing to note about Amity Community Park, and the other parks in this township, is that they are open early and late – from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. After speaking with township officials, I learned that the township Board of Supervisors voted to extend the park hours for people who want to use the walking trails. While the park is open late, the trails are not lit. If you’re out after dark, or before the sun comes up, bring a flashlight and a friend. The pavilion and parking lot are the only lighted areas. 

Location: On Weavertown Road, just west of the intersection with Route 662 (Old Swede Road), across from the Municipal Building. Use 2004 Weavertown Road, Douglassville, PA 19518
Size: 44.6 acres
Suitability: Plan a family outing to Amity Community Park for the playgrounds and stay to watch a baseball game or have lunch at the covered pavilion. With paved walkways and a gently sloped walking trail, the whole family can enjoy this park.
Facilities: Playgrounds, open space, picnic tables and covered pavilion, seating area with shade, baseball fields, football/soccer/field hockey fields and internal trails
Hours: 6 AM to 11PM If you’re looking for somewhere to get your exercise early in the morning or late in the evening, the Amity parks are the place to go.

Amity Township
2004 Weavertown Road
Douglassville, PA 19518
Recreational Facilities webpage

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