Earlville’s Locust Grove offers playground & water views

If you have ever driven route 562 from Boyertown into Oley and Douglassville in the fall, you know how simply breathtaking the views are. Route 562 winds its way through farms and down into small valleys with new housing developments, only to open up again to vast country views. Just a few minutes’ drive out of Pottstown and you are in a much more rural setting.

When I got directions to the Locust Grove Park areas, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Driving back east on 562 from the Municipal Building at Amity, I was picturing either farm lands or new homes. Instead, as I turned onto Shore Avenue, I found the small neighborhood of Earlville and their parks.

Locus Grove Playground

The Locust Grove Recreation Area is a neighborhood playground, taking up only about the space of two houses, on Third Street between Shore Avenue and Amity Avenue. What this park lacks in size, it more than makes up for in facilities. There is a great playground, a merry-go-round, swings, a basketball court and room for active kids to just run around and have fun. This small pocket park is fenced, which is certainly a convenience and takes away some of the worry when you have several little kids to keep an eye on.

Manatawny Creek at Locus Grove

Locust Grove Open Space follows along the Manatawny Creek and Shore Avenue, and takes up just over an acre of ground in this neighborhood. There are several benches for sitting and enjoying the view. There had been a heavy rain the night before I visited, and the creek was running high and fast. With the morning sun still low in the sky, the view was idyllic – autumn at its finest.


The park has several spots where you can get close to the water, taking the concrete steps to get just to the edge. The railings were precarious and some of the concrete was cracked, but still usable. If you bring your little ones here, there is probably about a 60% chance they will end up getting wet! If you have limited mobility, the benches are the best way to enjoy the view since the concrete steps are steep and a little tough to navigate.

Stairs to creek. Use caution!

Location: In a mapping program or GPS, use 43 3rd St, Douglassville, PA 19518-8910
Size: About a half an acre
Suitability: A great, small, neighborhood park for kids.
Facilities: Playground, basketball court, small open space
Hours: Dawn till dusk

Location: 3rd Street and Shore Avenue, Douglassville, PA 19518
Size: 1.4 acres
Suitability: A good spot to enjoy the beauty of fall. Keep hold of your young children. If you want to get up close and personal with the water, please use caution when venturing down the steps. (See picture.)
Facilities: Benches, water access, open areas
Hours: Dawn till dusk

Amity Township
2004 Weavertown Road
Douglassville, PA 19518
Website: http://www.amitytownshippa.com/

Recreational Facilities webpage

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