On the road…

I meant to post earlier, but I had limited email access today, and I was on the road… in North Coventry (fact-checking), South Coventry (stopping by Woody’s Woods), and East Vincent and Spring City (checking out their parks!)

I’ll be posting more on North Coventry’s parks this weekend and then will pick up with East Vincent and Spring City later next week… after Election Day has come and gone 🙂

In the meantime, check out the recent article on Connie Batdorf Park in South Coventry. Mrs. Peg Batdorf wrote in after reading the story. I’m honored to be able to post her response. Thank you, Mrs. Batdorf!

You might also want to see the newly added notes and photos for Woody’s Woods at the end of that same article.

And I’d like to send a big shout-out to reader Elise Buskirk, who pointed out something I missed at Kenilworth Park! Read the updated blog entry here. Thank you, Elise!

And now, a feast for the eyes…

Fall Glory, Community Park on the Ridge, East Vincent Twp.

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