Danville, PA: “Each stride forward begets another.”

I am sending a HUGE thank-you out to Pottstown resident Andrew Kefer for sending along this article:Welcome to Downtown Danville, the Vibrant Small Town You Never Expected.

There are so many lessons here that could be immediately applied to Pottstown’s revitalization.

1) Create a “better business climate.”

2) Tap Montco college students for discrete planning and community development projects and give those students real-world experience.

3) Resurrect the facade improvement program. (Is PDIDA’s Facade Rehabilitation Loan program active?)

4) Promote arts district downtown. (Danville is doing a multi-year mural program: “To one degree or another, all murals should touch on Danville’s heritage and history,” said Danville Main Street manager, Jim Wilson. Although I think a mural program would be fantastic, in the post that follows this one, I’m going to suggest using the additional $45K from the re-painting of the Mrs. Smith building toward other economic development efforts. For me it’s a matter of timing and getting the most bang for the buck. )

5) Create a business incubator downtown. Get designated as a Keystone Innovation Zone to get grants to attract tech start-ups and entrepreneurs. (Is this state designation/funding still available?)

Thanks again to Andrew for this informative, idea-packed article!


One thought on “Danville, PA: “Each stride forward begets another.”

  1. I have always like Danville. Used to go through there on the way to my parents house. Just shows what a vision and some leadership can accomplish! There is no earthly reason why Pottstown can’t be the crowned jewel of southeastern Pennsylvania other than we can’t seem to get out of our own way. No unity, no vision, no leadership, just petty politics. Business as usual. How many more studies do we need? We should be implementing the ULI recommendations and moving forward. We watch towns all around us succeed while we languish. What’s wrong with this picture!?!

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