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In a comment on another post, Katy mentioned Easton, PA’s Downtown Ambassadors program, and I thought I’d post some links. I’ve heard a few folks from Pottstown mention this, but I didn’t know that there was a company that actually provides this service to downtown improvement districts. Basically, you can contract to have casually-uniformed ambassadors on your downtown streets, cleaning, providing info to visitors and being  a security presence. They carry 2-way radios, too.

Here’s a link to Block By Block, the company. And here’s an article on the positive feedback on Easton’s program. Looks and sounds like a great idea. Money — always an issue. Maybe a volunteer force? Worth looking into, for sure. Thanks, Katy!

2 thoughts on “Downtown Ambassadors Program

  1. Talk about a Godsend! How can we not afford something like this!?! I have a mental image of what this could do and it’s fantastic. There are probably monies available if one would know where to look. Imagine clean streets, no loitering, security patrols, helpful guides and more. It would drastically change our downtown and people’s perception of our downtown. A program such as this would help exisiting businesses and foster a climate that would attract new business. We want to grow our downtown by having people from out of town come here and patronize our arts, entertainment and food venues. Clean, friendly and safe are at the top of the list for consumers!

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