Sending good vibes to a fellow blogger & friend

Mo Gallant, the voice of Pottstown’s Blog, has taken down her blog. I hope this is a temporary situation. I’m not sure many people know the persistence, time and energy it takes to keep blogging day after day, and Mo was one of the most prolific bloggers I’ve ever come across, commenting multiple times a day on local, national and world news and trends. I’m rooting for you, Mo, sending good vibes your way, and wishing you all the best.



5 thoughts on “Sending good vibes to a fellow blogger & friend

  1. Mo,

    your wit and wisdoms will be missed. Please take good care and come back when you can. It was so nice to meet you at Sue’s get-together last month.

    Only the Best…Katy

  2. Hi Sue and Barb and Katy,

    Thank you so much for the good thoughts! I really enjoyed blogging but as you all know it takes a lot of energy. My energy is going to have to go in a different direction for a while.

    Hopefully I’ll catch up with you all again real soon!

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