Déjà vu

I feel like I’ve done this before – asked for your understanding while I meet an end-of-month grad school deadline. At this very moment, I’m procrastinating on the writing of a 10-page critical paper. I have the feeling that you would, too, if you were trying to find something interesting to say about Nathaniel Hawthorne’s use of veils in The Blithedale Romance and “The Minister’s Black Veil.” The thing is, I picked the topic, so I have no one to blame but myself. 😦

I am happy to report that I did write a new 20-page essay this month. That was a MAJOR accomplishment. Even though I will here reveal a few things that are in it, it is not yet available for a general readership – sorry! Let’s see… it features my backyard in the North End; walking down High Street with my dad (who seems to know everybody); getting booed the first year they let girls play Little League (nice folks!); and jumping off my dad’s shoulders at Laurelwood Pool, feeling like I could fly. It’s mostly about my relationship with my dad, but I’m not even letting him see it yet. 🙂

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