Playing catch-up…

1. I feel like I’ve been put through the wringer. Put my last packet of writing for this term into the mail about an hour ago. Brain = fried.

2. The previously mentioned Holiday Hop must, unfortunately, be canceled. Wait. It’s actually it’s not that unfortunate because I will still be there! And I will still be hopping from one place to another and “laughing all the way,” as the song goes. But I didn’t have time to properly advertise it and get all the hoo-ha and goodies organized, and the few people I heard from who were interested in the Hop will be out on the town with their families, so we will run into each other here and there, but not Hop as a group.

3. PLEASE, PLEASE come downtown tomorrow night to check out all the fabulous decorations, fun activities, shopping and merriment!! The Mercury describes a lot of it right here. I will be at the Firebirds lunch tomorrow and The Gallery Open House beginning at 5 pm at 254 E. High Street before hopping around town.

4. Get your tickets for A CHRISTMAS CAROL! It opens at Tri-PAC at 245 E. High Street tonight and runs the next few weeks. I’ll put up a separate post later but get it on your calendar now. Here’s a sneak preview from The Mercury.

5. Last but not least: HAPPY HANNUKAH!! to all readers observing the holiday. May your latkes be crisp and your home filled with the glow and warmth of the Menorah candles.

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