SCORE Scholarships

I’ve now added a tab at the top of the blog for folks to easily find the info and application for two SCORE scholarships – each valued at $100 – for the January Small Business Workshop Series. The scholarships are for anyone running a Pottstown-based business who would like to learn, or brush up on, solid skills needed to succeed.

I have also been contacted by a donor who has offered $100 toward another scholarship. Depending on how many applications we get, we may use it now or use it for the next workshop series in April/May. It would be great if we can get a couple different donors for each series and keep this going to support local business.

2 thoughts on “SCORE Scholarships

  1. Sue,

    This is awesome news that a new donor has come forth! Exactly what you had hoped for. Thanks for all your dedication to Pottstown! We need more people like you helping to move the borough forward during these uncertain times.

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