WPAZ is back!

Pottstown’s got its radio station back. After going silent more than a year ago, WPAZ at 1370 AM returned to the airwaves yesterday afternoon. Check out The Mercury’s coverage here.

After months of hard work and negotiations, the nonprofit WPAZ Preservation Association changed its name to Community Broadcasting Group and recently purchased the station from Four Rivers Broadcasting.

General Manager Rick Rodgers and Station Manager Ross Landy have planned a line-up of old and new shows and increased local sports coverage within a 24/7 interactive format. The tentative official “opening” will be January 8th; keep an ear out then for new and returning personalities and shows. In the meantime, they’ll be running music and promos.

The station’s website is wpazradio.com. And you can find them on Facebook here.

Congratulations to Rick, Ross and everyone involved – looking forward to the programming!

3 thoughts on “WPAZ is back!

  1. Well! It’s great to hear my advice/commentary posted on the Mercury article in Dec 2009 was actually taken and/or implemented – it’s really true that when we put our thoughts out to the Universe, some bright, talented soul responds – fantastic news and best of luck! I hope the music played has a broad time range that matches the longevity of the station – that might be appealing to most anyone listening. On a whim I checked PAZ’s status and was really pleased to hear the recent news.

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