Writing camp

Well, tomorrow I leave for 10 days in Vermont, where I’ll be attending lectures, readings and writing workshops pretty much from 8 am – 9 pm every day. All books, all writing, all words, all the time. About a month ago, I was in town at a meeting, and I described this low-residency master’s degree program (I do this 10-day gig twice a year; this time next year I’ll be giving a lecture & a reading and will get my degree.) Someone at the meeting – I won’t name names! – looked pretty horrified to hear that I think this is just about the best way anyone could ever spend 10 days 🙂

But will I really be leaving Pottstown behind? Impossible! I’ll be checking email and even posting here from time to time. The truly awesome news, though, is that Rosemary Keane, who took us on a whirlwind tour of some parks in Amity, Douglass, New Hanover and Boyertown last summer, will be filling in as a guest blogger. I know you’re in really good hands; she has some excellent posts lined up. The first story, which will be posted first thing tomorrow morning, is about a group of Pottstown chicks who really know how to roll! Thank you, Rosemary, and welcome back!

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