WPAZ hosts “A Night for Japan”


On Saturday, March 26th WPAZ will be part of a multi-station donation drive to benefit the victims of the earthquake, tsunami and aftermath in Japan. The show runs from 4pm-12 midnight Eastern at 1370AM and STREAMING LIVE at http://www.wpazradio.com/. You can see details at A Night for Japan Facebook page.

Other stations participating will be:
— Woody Radio http://www.woodyradio.com/ (out of Canada) 1pm – 1am Eastern
— Pop Garden Radio http://www.popgardenradio.com/ (AM1300 WMEL, out of Cocoa, FL) 8pm – Midnight Eastern
— The Time Machine http://www.manaoradio.com/ (out of Maui, HI) 8pm – 11pm Eastern
— Twirl Radio http://twirlradio.com/ (out of Sacramento, CA) 7pm – 9pm eastern

WPAZ will be urging listeners to donate to a number of different charities. A full list of charities will be posted before the show airs, and you can donate either online or via telephone.

They will have local musicians and poets submit music and poetry, and have a few live performances as well. Many of these artists have recorded songs just for this program. Everyone is welcome to contribute music, thoughts, and prayers to the evening. Call 610.326.4000 or email wpaz@wpazradio.com

You can email or call during the show to let them know that you’ve donated, and they’ll read your name on the air. WPAZ is a REAL COMMUNITY RADIO for the WORLDWIDE COMMUNITY, helping our neighbors in need!

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