Brunish’s gets great review in Inquirer!

On April 25, I wrote about my first visit ever to Brunish’s Deli at 577 Lincoln Avenue in Pottstown in “Brunish’s: There’s no place like home for hot dogs and sausages.”

577 Lincoln Avenue

Today, The Inquirer did an awesome story about this classic piece of Pottstown history, their funky space and their mouth-watering sandwiches. Check it out here.

And be sure to check them out in person! No doubt, someone from the Brunish family will be behind the counter ready to welcome you.

Brunish’s is on the web at And check them out on Facebook: they’ve got 1,811 “likes” at I Love Brunish’s!!!!!!!

Brunish’s Deli is located at 577 Lincoln Avenue, Pottstown, PA, across from the former Jefferson Elementary School. They’re open 7 am-8 pm, Monday-Saturday and 7am-6pm on Sundays. The phone number is 326-1900.

2 thoughts on “Brunish’s gets great review in Inquirer!

  1. Great reminder to everyone sis! And now that you gave me the address and i google it- i know exactly where it is . i will check it out in the next week or two.Can’t wait, sounds like a nice hidden family eatery that’s kind of a secret. i mean, i lived in P-town for 28 years and i never even heard of it, crazy.

  2. That is a great article on Brunish’s. Spent alot of childhood time in that store. My children and grandchildren go there now and I am sure that someday so will my great-grandchildren.

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