BMX Family Rides the Nation

The Memorial Classic, Pottstown’s annual BMX race, is scheduled for this weekend, but it started over a month ago for the Warren family of Tampa, FL.  This adventurous threesome, consisting of a 12 year old BMX rider and her parents, have already logged over 1500 miles since leaving their home in late April. 

The Warrens aren’t super star athletes; if anything they are almost the opposite, calling themselves “two fat forty somethings.”  But what they are is determined, and it’s easy to get caught up in their enthusiasm reading the blog they are keeping about the journey, the BMX races, and life in general.  They lovingly refer to their daughter as “the beast,” which seems fitting since this family is logging over 50 miles on their bikes most days. 

Their goals for the trip, which is scheduled to continue through the summer as they ride through the BMX circuit and end at The Grand National Championship in Louisville, KY on Labor Day weekend. 

You can follow the Warren family’s progress yourself on their blog, ride the nation, and you can even follow them in nearly real time on Google. 

They are scheduled to arrive here in Pottstown on Thursday afternoon, sometime between 2 and 3pm at the Pottstown Hospital and they will be here for the Memorial Day Weekend festivities at Trilogy Park.

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