Ride the Nation meets Trilogy Park BMX-the Warrens are here!

After logging over 1700 miles since April, the Warren family made a grand entrance into Pottstown today.  They stopped at the Pottstown Memorial Medical Center where there was a bit of a media frenzy (at least by small town standards) and I got the chance to meet this amazing family and hear a bit about their adventure so far. 

If biking is contagious, then this family is definitely spreading the bug.  Tammy, mother of the BMX rider and author of the Ride the Nation blog, seems more like the kind of person you would sit and have coffee with than someone who just rode over a thousand miles in a month.  And, I think that’s just one part of the appeal of this family. 

In fact, one of the goals they set for themselves before heading out on this trip was to inspire the occasional biker to ride more often.  They seem to be having so much fun and have so much enthusiasm for the whole endeavor that I am sure they are far exceeding that goal along the way. 

The Warrens led the way, with Borough Manager Jason Bobst, employees from Pottstown Parks and Recreation Department and BMX racers following them to Memorial Park where all the fun will take place this weekend. 

You can follow the family’s progress as they keep riding till Memorial Day on their blog and you can get more information about our hometown BMX track at www.trilogypark.org

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  1. Hey, Rosemary, thanks for covering this exciting event! I hope to meet the Warren family this weekend – very cool! Sue

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