Scenes from Kenilworth Park

Positively!Pottstown thanks Jim Lovely of Kenilworth for sending in these photos of wildlife in Kenilworth Park. We featured Kenilworth Park in last fall’s Parks & Recreation series for the Pottstown Area Health & Wellness Foundation. Rosemary Keane and I are steadily recording the blog series for WPAZ 1370 AM so they can re-broadcast the information whenever they get a chance; keep an ear open for “Paths, Parks & Playgrounds: Your Guide to Outdoor Recreation.”  We appreciate Jim’s contribution to keeping the area’s incredible outdoor resources in the spotlight!


2 thoughts on “Scenes from Kenilworth Park

    1. Hi, Joe –

      I’m sorry; I was away from my computer yesterday afternoon/evening. The photos seem to be showing up on the blog and in the email I received, but I did cut-and-paste rather then upload them, due to how they were sent to me…. I just tried to look at them on my phone and they don’t show up. I’ll try to re-attach and send it out to you.


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