Keeping cool in the pool in Pottstown this summer

Even though the calendar says it’s still early June, the thermometer is pushing up toward and beyond the temperatures we normally see in August.  If you’ve already got a pool membership, then you know the crowds look like midsummer too.  Other years at the pool, the only brave souls to enter the water this early were the swim team kids and then they would often have to bundle up after getting out of the water, but not this year. 

As part of our Summer Guide to fun in Pottstown, we are going to start with the area pools, so you can dive right into keeping cool this year. 

Private Pool Clubs

When I was a kid, we belonged to “the pool.”  My mom packed our lunches, wrapping sandwiches and soda cans in tin foil to keep them cooler and made me wear zinc oxide on my (very Irish) nose.  We spent long days at the pool, and my dad would come after work in his suit, change his clothes and swim with us till it was dark. 

Our family now has a similar routine, though my husband doesn’t have to wear a suit to work.  The memories I had as a kid at the pool, I am passing along to my own kids, and I am glad for it-even if I don’t wrap anything in tin foil. 

Here’s the rundown of what’s available in Pottstown:

North End Swimming Club

901 North Adams Street

North End has been a Pottstown staple for families since 1960 and it’s been my own family’s summer hangout for several years.  It’s the quintessential pool club and has a great family atmosphere.  With a large main pool that offers both a diving board and a slide, plus a baby pool, it’s big enough that it rarely feels crowded, but small enough that the kids can run around and play and still be in sight. 

Memberships are available.  Bond: $400  Family dues:  $340 

splashing down the slide at North End

Hillside Aquatic Club

134 West Moyer Road

Hillside Aquatic, tucked away off Gilbertsville Road on West Moyer Road, offers families a large pool with diving board and a baby pool, as well as a pavilion and basketball courts.  It’s also got that old fashioned pool club feel.  If you were a pool kid growing up, you will get that same feeling at Hillside. 

Memberships are available.  Application fee :$200 Family dues: $395

Laurelwood Swim Club

801 Union Avenue, North Coventry

Another option for Pottstown families, and one that is especially popular with those in the 19465 zip code is Laurelwood Swim Club.  With the Laurel Locks farm in the background, this pool club has a rural feel to it, even though it’s almost steps from the Coventry Mall (which could be a real bonus if you like to shop, too). 

Memberships are available.  Bond:  $500 Family Dues: $425 

This year, Laurelwood is also offering a trial membership for one year-pay just the dues and no bond. 


If you’ve got a membership to just the Pottstown Y, you can upgrade to get one that includes all the pools attached to the Freedom Valley YMCA conglomerate.  That will give you the Baker Park pool in Phoenixville, the gigantic water park-type pool at Spring Valley and the pool in Pennsburg.  Check out their website or stop in at the Pottstown branch for more information. 

Public Pools

If going to the pool everyday isn’t your idea of summer fun, then it’s worth it to check out these local pools that allow day visitors. 

Boyertown Community Pool

The centerpiece of Boyertown Community Park, the pool offers recreation for residents of the borough and beyond. Membership information and rates for visiting the pool are available from the Boyertown YMCA.  You can reach them at 610-369-9622

Hickory Park Pool

New Hanover Township purchased the Hickory Park campground back in 2009 and wasted no time converting the acreage into a family fun destination.  With a great playground, plenty of picnic space and a pool, this is  a great place to spend the day (day passes to the pool run $5 for adults and $4 for kids) or sign up for season passes at an affordable rate of just over $200.  For more information, visit the New Hanover Township Website

West Pottsgove Township is also keeping busy, working to modernize and open the old Colonial Swim Club.  Keep an eye on their website for opening dates and rates for both residents of the township and visitors. 

Of course, if it’s just a quick cool down you are looking for, don’t forget about the Fountain of Youth spray park in Memorial Park along Manatawny Road.  There are sprinklers in all shapes and sizes and you can drop in for a quick shower, or pack a lunch and explore the park before or after you get wet. 

There are plenty of stay-cool ideas in town this summer-be sure to check them out!

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