Another happy Happy Hour

A huge thank you to Tom Abbott, Nancy March and The Mercury for hosting yesterday’s Happy Hour; it was one of the best. Seems their Community Media Lab was just the right size to cause about 60-70 people to literally rub elbows, meet new folks and network.

The gorgeous food shown in these pictures was provided by Chef Michael Falcone and his Funky Lil’ Kitchen… Cucumber with salmon, shots of strawberry soup with a drizzle of creme fraiche, hummus, white bean bruschetta, little dollops of goat cheese on puff pastry and more, every bite a sophisticated taste sensation.

We were also treated to a donation of beer by Sly Fox Brewery. They’re new to Pottstown, moving their brewing operation to the Circle of Progress in the Pottstown Airport Business Center. See The Mercury’s story from today’s paper here. Thank you, John Giannopoulos, and welcome to Pottstown!

I still need to confirm the location of the next Happy Hour, but the date is set: Friday, July 15 at 5 pm. Hope to see you then!

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