Happy Hour re-cap & upcoming events

This past Friday about 35 guests scarfed down sandwiches and an amazing salsa by Grumpy’s as they beat the heat in the air-conditioned comfort of LASERWORX, Custom Laser Engravers, at 236 E. High Street for another Postively!Pottstown Happy Hour.

We were welcomed by the Hoffmans: Steve, his wife Donna and son Jim. Steve and Jim are in business together and can provide you or your company with precision laser-engraving services on such surfaces as Waterford crystal, acrylics, metals, plastics, tile, granite, slate, wood, Corian and more. They carry dozens of options for attractive awards, plaques, signs, watches, medals, pendants, trophies, ribbons and gifts ready to be customized.

If you’ve never been in LASERWORX, you might also want to check it out for its architectural significance. It’s got beautiful, original stained glass in the entryway and on the doors and a tin ceiling inside. The name “Betty Lee” in mosaic tile in the entryway is a reminder of the former Betty Lee Women’s Clothing store at that location.

Upcoming Events
The Happy Hours have been taking place once a month downtown since October 2010. The idea is to move around to different businesses and showcase the food of different Pottstown restaurants. The $5 cover charge goes toward paying the food vendors. Anyone who lives, works or wants to network in Pottstown is welcome. If you or your business would like to host, send an email to positivelypottstown@gmail.com. We’re booking locations now for 2012. Here are plans for the rest of the year:

August – no Happy Hour – summer vacation!
September 16 – Hosted by SCORE – 20 years in Pottstown! – at the New York Plaza, 244 E. High Street
October – Hosted by Ben Moscia and Elise LeBoutillier at The Farmers’ Market, 300 E. High Street
November – Hosted by Chris Longeway & Sam Rhame at The Milkman Lunch Co. & Cake Shoppe, 451 N. Charlotte Street
December – Hosted at The Brickhouse, 152 E. High Street

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  1. I’m sorry I missed this past Happy Hour. I’ve shopped at Laserworx and found the staff to be very helpful and kind. It is a great place to find personalized gifts and has so much to select from.

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