Feel like dancing?

Join the dance party with the live band Magoo at Sunnybrook Ballroom tonight, Saturday, Oct. 1 at 8 pm. This is straight up rock ‘n roll, there’s plenty of room to cut loose, so get a group of friends together and head on over to 50 Sunnybrook Road and follow the signs. At just $5  per person, this kind of fun can’t be beat. For more info about this and Sunnybrook’s entire lineup of entertainment and events, go to www.sunnybrookballroom.net.

2 thoughts on “Feel like dancing?

  1. This sounded like a great night out and I’m sorry we missed it. We have friends who recently moved into the area and have been looking for a place to go for a night of dancing. Unfortunately I do not receive your PP blogs until the day after these wonderful events. Is there any way I can sign up for earlier notifications?

    1. Sunnybrook regularly holds dance parties and karaoke nights on Thursday, Friday and Saturday – check their website to be sure if it’s happening on any given night. http://www.sunnybrookballroom.net.

      I’m not sure why you’d get the blogs till the day after they’re posted… there is a subscribe box on the home page of the blog. That will send the post right to your email inbox.

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