MOSAIC Community Land Trust reception this Saturday

Please join the MOSAIC Community Land Trust for a FREE reception this Saturday, November 12 from 7-9 pm as they thank their Community Garden volunteers and welcome guests to their office and gallery located at 10 South Hanover Street, Pottstown, Pennsylvania, across from the Brick House restaurant.

Exhibiting artists are Raun Kercher and Lev Ritvalsky. 

MOSAIC will also be unveiling its new logo, which was designed by Raun.

For more information on MOSAIC Community Land Trust, please visit and subscribe to the blog here or become a friend on Facebook. Pottstown is on the brink of revitalization, and MOSAIC is a part of that. You can learn about other events, how to get involved, and follow the development of the community garden at 423 Chestnut Street by getting connected.

Raun Kercher

“Raun Kercher’s artwork covers a history of American music from the genres of both American Blues and Jazz. The artwork tells a history while capturing emotions expressed in music.”

Read a previous review of Raun Kercher’s Exhibition here, or visit his website

Let Ritvalsky
“My art, regardless of the medium I’m using, is simply an end result of whatever happiness runs from my brain through my hands to my tools each day that I work. This talent brings great energy to my life and I am honored to have it. My art isn’t about making a statement, unless that statement is to bring a smile to someone when they see my work.”

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