It’s nutroll time again at Holy Trinity!

It’s that deliciously special time of year for nutroll, poppyseed roll, and apricot roll! The Slovak American Women’s Guild at Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Church in Pottstown’s South End is rolling out the dough, spreading the filling and baking up a storm in the church basement as I type this. I had a chance to try my hand in the kitchen yesterday and am looking forward to joining in more fully next year. The sweet and flaky outcome is surpassed only by the quiet camaraderie in the kitchen. Thank you to Bonnie Stankunas and the other women who welcomed me into the fold!

Here are the details on the sale: It’s this Sunday, November 20th before and after 10 a.m. Mass. Sales start at 9 a.m. and will go until the start of Mass, and then pick up again around 10:45. These rolls are all handmade; there’s just 300 of them, so get there early to purchase yours — a wonderful holiday treat at just $10 per roll. Yum!

Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Church is located on South Street between Franklin and Evans Streets.

One thought on “It’s nutroll time again at Holy Trinity!

  1. Sue, What a marvelous service you are providing our local community groups. I’d be stopping down to pick up one of their delicious sounding goodies, except that I’m on a strict diet and I don’t dare have one of their offerings around the house, or I’d be cheating, “Big Time”.
    Keep up the good work.
    dick heylmun

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