Still need a Christmas tree? Pine Hill Farm offers $5 discount Mon.-Thurs.

Among this year's first taggers, courtesy Pine Hill Tree Farm

Do you have a young family that is starting to create its own holiday traditions? Ever want to get back to basics and enjoy the satisfaction that comes from picking your own Christmas tree and sawing it down in the crisp December air while the kids sip hot chocolate and think you are the best mom or dad in the whole wide world?

You can do all that at the Pine Hill Choose-N-Cut Christmas Tree Farm on Sheep Hill Road in North Coventry. Pine Hill has been run by the Sally and Dick Heylmun family for 45 years! And for the past 20 years, they have  held their prices steady at $25 a tree. Now they are offering a $5 discount if you get your tree on Monday through Thursday; just mention Positively!Pottstown. That is a great price for that special tree that will work for you and your home. (Some of the larger and more perfect specimens are individually priced higher.)

Pine Hill is just 2 miles from downtown Pottstown, yet has that full country atmosphere.  Mrs. Heylmun still mows around the trees, shears them, and generally oversees the care of the farm, keeping the place like a lawn.  Having raised 5 boys on a teacher’s pay, the Heylmuns know what it costs to raise a family, and they have refused to raise prices.

This year, there’s an abundance of Scotch pines. They also have a good supply of white pines and Norway spruce. There’s a limited supply of Colorado Blue spruce.

The Douglas firs and Fraser firs are pre-cut from a local farm and will be delivered this year the day before Thanksgiving, Dec. 1, and Dec. 8. The Pine Hill website provides nice photos and descriptions of the various trees and their needles, so you can decide ahead of time what kind of tree you’re interested in.

Remember: You choose and cut your own tree.  They do offer saws to borrow. No chainsaws, please!

Choose-n-cut your tree on Monday through Thursday, mention Positively!Pottstown and get a $5 discount – no coupons required!

Pine Hill Christmas Tree Farm
1174 Sheep Hill Road

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