Computer glitches and catching up

It’s been kinda hard to blog lately. My laptop is in the shop for an overhaul after a virus put some major systems in a closed and impenetrable loop. (I’m typing this on a netbook, squinting at the screen, trying to keep my fingers from tripping over each other.) The good news is that it’s on the mend and I should be re-united with it before the end of the day.

On top of that, though, I’ve been inundated with requests to post the news of community groups, local businesses, churches, nonprofits, and arts organizations. There is so much good news and fun stuff to do around here that I am actually being overwhelmed by it; I’m just one person doing this in my “spare” time, while juggling several other activities and life itself. Of course, all the good news is not a bad thing! Except that it is frustrating not getting the info out in a timely way. This morning I sent out a post about a Motown Review on March 24th and then was notified by a reader that it had been cancelled. I don’t ever want to create confusion for the readers of Positively Pottstown!

I will now try to pull a “Roy”* and get a lot of info out in the next hour or so. I may never be  truly “caught up,” but I’m going to give it a try! Thanks for hanging in there.

* This is my shout-out to Roy Keeler of Roy’s Rants and Progress Pennsylvania. He often sends out his blog posts in a flurry; he just keeps pumping the information out there.

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