2j Photography wants to make mark in Pottstown

  Photographer Joanna Floyd was born and raised in South Carolina and moved to Pottstown about six years ago. Her new business, 2j Photography, is now open for business.

What does 2j stand for? They are the first initials of Joanna and her husband, although it’s primarily her business.

“I have found that Pottstown has been so welcoming and has a great sense of unity,” she said. “One thing that has amazed me is everyone in Pottstown is so open to networking and working together as a community. That’s the reason I want to make my mark here.”

Joanna has always had a passion for photography, but only as a hobby until recently. She started doing freelance photography about six months ago, without formal schooling in the field. She was mentored by other photographers and taught herself through trial and error. She prefers to shoot in natural light on location.

One of her first gigs, which is ongoing, is capturing activities and events at Pottstown Karate/Crossfit, located at 21 N. Hanover Street. “Robert Matthews’  whole team has been so helpful and supportive, and it’s been a great learning experience,” said Floyd. “I shoot their events as well as participate in the Crossfit program.”
Floyd’s photography has also featured models, artists, musicians, fitness classes, and outdoor events. 2jPhotography offers specials for businesses. For more information, call 610/350/5268 or visit their website at www.2jphotography.zenfolio.com

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