Seniors Just Want to Have Fun!

Zany, high energy antics this Saturday and Sunday only

Steel River Playhouse

245 E. High Street, Pottstown, PA 19464


“Let’s Start the New Year Right,” according to the members of Steel River Playhouse’s 55+ theater troupe which performs its semi-annual Senior Follies this weekend.  The troupe forecasts 2013 through popular songs, zany and campy antics, and as much laughter as they can generate. 

Basic Information

“Let’s Start the New Year Right” will be performed this Saturday, November 17 at 7PM, and this Sunday, November 18 at 3PM in the Newberry Loft at Steel River Playhouse, 245 E. High St., Pottstown, PA 19464.  Tickets range from $8-$12.  More information and tickets are available on-line at or by calling 610.970.1199. Tickets are also usually available at the door.

Semi-Annual Public Performances
The Senior Follies troupe performs publicly twice yearly as part of Steel River Playhouse’s education program.  This performance is directed by two veteran performers and directors at Steel River Playhouse, Deborah Stimson-Snow, Artistic Director, and Steve Reazor, Education Director.

“This is part of our education program, so everyone who wants to gets to participate in some way.  We have costumes and music, and, frankly, it’s as much fun putting it on as it is watching it in the audience,” Marta Kiesling, Executive Director, said.  “But the seniors take this opportunity seriously, even if fun and laughs are the objective.  Their energy and enthusiasm is infectious.”

Great for Groups

Laughter truly is contagious.  For performers and audience alike.  Come and share, and bring lots of friends!



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