Celebrate Life! Senior Follies this afternoon at 3 pm at Steel River


Follies – Celebrate Life!
One Weekend Only – Saturday & Sunday (April 6 – 7)

  • Saturday Curtain Time  – 3:00PM
  • Sunday Curtain Time    – 3:00PM

Tickets for Senior Follies are $12 – Adults; $10 – Seniors; and $8 – Students and Children.  Get TIX HERE

Thinking about joining Senior Follies? Here’s what it’s all about:

Presentations reflect participants’ unique talents and may include a variety of disciplines such as comedy skits, dramatic readings, singing, playing instruments, dancing, writing, or set and costume design.  There is room for all talents, both onstage and off!  You can get help developing an act or sign up to help design sets and costumes, or work backstage. Discover what works for you! Whether you are a seasoned performer or you have yet to find your individual artistic niche, now is the time to explore the creative process!

To sign up, call the Steel River Playhouse at 610.970.1199 or email Education Director, Steve Reazor at steve@steelriver.org.

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