Mercury Mile takes off from Smith Plaza at noon!

The Mercury Mile is a fun, social way to get your daily exercise! See story here and below.

Walk around Pottstown’s business district for the Mercury Mile

This week’s Mercury Mile is returning to the business district of Pottstown.

Join community members in a quick afternoon mile walk noon Thursday.

Participants are to meet at the Smith Family Plaza located at 100 E. High Street in front of the Pottstown Borough Hall.

Walking with friends is a great way to spend a pleasant afternoon. Invite your coworkers, family and pets to join the Mercury Mile.

The mile is a lunchtime walk to promote walking as a free way to exercise.

The mile’s location changes every week so walkers can explore the multiple local routes and trails.

To find each week’s location, visit the Fit for Life and like the Facebook Walkers can also be added to the Mercury Mile email list by contacting Michilea Patterson at Send your name from the email you would like to use and the mile’s location will be sent to you each week.

Anytime there is inclement weather, the Mercury Mile will meet at the Pottstown YMCA indoor track. The Pottstown YMCA is located at 724 N. Adams St. Membership isn’t required to use the track at this time.

The Mercury is engaged in a year-long effort, Fit for Life, designed to promote healthy living. In addition to articles in the newspaper and on our website, Fit for Life features a blog with recipes, health tips, resources, tips on getting fit without breaking the bank, maps and other tools all available free online. Visit the website, like us on Facebook and follow our efforts on Twitter@MercFit4Life.

Patterson is the Fit for Life reporter and is funded in part by the Pottstown Area Health and Wellness Foundation. You can follow Michilea Patterson on Twitter @MichileaP.


Michilea PattersonMichilea Patterson is the Fit for Life reporter at The Mercury, partially funded by the Pottstown Area Health and Wellness Foundation. She is an Army brat and her father retired from the military while stationed in Missouri. She was the editor-in-chief of her college newspaper, the Lincoln Clarion, in Jefferson City, Mo. She graduated from Lincoln with her B.S. in journalism in 2013. Reach the author or follow Michilea on Twitter: @MichileaP .

2 thoughts on “Mercury Mile takes off from Smith Plaza at noon!

  1. I was wondering if the Pottstown High School track is available to the public, and if so what are the hours and days available. I work during the day so I am unable to go to the walks during the day. Hopefully you are able to help me. I couldn’t find any information online.

    1. Hi, I’m sorry, I just saw your question about the PHS track. I do not know if they have official hours, but I used to live nearby and it was usually open in the early evenings year round and also on the weekends. There is an entrance gate near the concession stand, from the parking lot near the middle school. As long as they are not having football or track practice, I think it is open to the public. I have seen other people there, but it never seemed to be used much whenever I went there.

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