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Sue Repko

Here at Positively!Pottstown we aim to give readers the latest news on all the good stuff that’s happening downtown and in the neighborhoods – food, music, the arts, business, recreation, and wellness.

Pottstown’s increasingly vibrant arts and business communities are taking advantage of the Borough’s rich history, beautiful and affordable real estate, walkable downtown, and waterfront park… and the world should know about it!

I grew up in the North End, went to kindergarten at Franklin School, then on to St. Al’s and St. Pius X, where I was involved in student government and lettered in basketball, softball, and tennis. Then I moved on to New Jersey, where I majored in psychology at Princeton  University and got a master’s in urban planning from Rutgers University. I’ve worked on affordable housing in state and local government, served on non-profit boards, built a Montessori pre-school, coached basketball and softball, and taught English/writing to middle school students.

In January 2012 I received a master’s degree in fine arts/creative writing from Bennington College; I’m working on a memoir largely about growing up in Pottstown, being away for a long time, and then coming back. This blog allows me to combine my passion for community development and the written word to help Pottstown spin a new story for itself.

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