Company Cakes Sticky Buns: Short and Sweet

Plain & Raisin Sticky Buns

Due to some unfathomable mix-up and confusion on my part, I did not realize Company Cakes was still selling their famous sticky buns on Sunday mornings. Yesterday, on my way downtown to the fabulously successful Sidewalk Sale organized by PDIDA, I saw a sign announcing the sale of said sticky buns on Sunday beginning at 8 am. I stopped in to double-check and, sure enough, the sticky buns are on, I was told.

I didn’t exactly count down the hours, but the thought of a really good sticky bun crossed my mind many, many times the rest of the day and was the last thought I had before falling asleep last night, and the first thought this morning when I woke up. It was just about 8:15 this morning that I was back in Company Cakes, where owner Mark Neiman was serving up his sticky, yeasty creations. I was shocked to hear the prices: $1 for a plain and $1.25 for a raisin or nut sticky bun. I got one plain one, took it home, and dug in with a knife and fork. It was still warm. It had melt-in-your-mouth goodness. Really, it’s almost incomprehensible, the deliciousness. Look at the photos. Go get some for yourself. And, at those prices, get some for a few of your loved ones. They’ll love you all the more.

Company Cakes: 26 N Charlotte St  Pottstown, PA 19464, 610-705-9450

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